Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Designer Feature: JIBRI

Happy Wednesday Ladies! Here is the designer feature I promised you! I interviewed the lovely lady, Jasmine of JIBRI. She has been a favorite shop of mine on Etsy for a long time. Everything in her shop is so glamorous, I hope to have one of her items in my closet soon. Her shop is the perfect place to go to find the perfect piece for a party, wedding, work, or that day when you just want to feel extra special!

How would you describe the style of your clothing line? Where do you get your inspiration?
I would describe JIBRI as a strong yet feminine, sophisticated and glamorous line for the fashion savvy curvy woman.

I'm inspired heavily by vintage cinema (as those were my favorite portraits of women and femininity), all kinds of music, art, ARTISTS, an  array of cultures and attitude. :)

How long have you been designing plus size fashion? How did you get your start?
I’ve been designing and making clothes since I was a young girl, but decided to actually start a line about 4 years ago when I realized that the type of clothes I wanted weren't’t available off the rack. I’d made my own clothes for so long, I really never shopped for clothes, only accessories. When I started working full time, I didn't’t have time to make everything. When I went shopping I was disappointed big time. After a few years of that, I decided to start my line.

Ruffle Front Halter Dress

Where do you see yourself in relation to your clothing design in the future?
I hope to be able to solidify JIBRI as a recognizable boutique brand for the young glamorous, sophisticated and highly fashionable woman.

What is your favorite article of clothing? Why? favorite? I don't have one specific favorite piece but my favorite category at least are dresses. I LOVE dresses. With one slip over the head, I'm completely transformed. Dresses provide instant glam. Gotta love that.
What is one thing every plus size woman should have in their closet?
At least one piece that makes them smile just by looking at it....A fabulous pair of stilettos, a vintage broach, a snazzy hat, a perfectly fitted dress...whatever that piece is...Every woman needs to know that there is a piece in her closet that will help her set any room ablaze. I love basics, but I think we all need something stunning that transforms basics to spectacular.

 Where are your favorite places to shop? On etsy and/or elsewhere.

My absolute favorite place to shop is Neiman Marcus Last Call (The Outlet). I love Neiman Marcus, but can't always afford all the pieces I love there AND I love random value shopping (like Thrifting, TJ Maxx, Marshall etc) so Neiman Marcus Last Call is the best of both worlds. They have the opulence that makes my toes curl AND the value shopping setup that I like. I love to dig a bit for the hidden treasure.
                                                                                                                High Waist Pencil Skirt
Oddly enough...I haven't quite gotten the swing of SHOPPING on Etsy as I like to shop very randomly. I can never say.."today I'm looking for earrings!" I do however find tons of goodies via all the beautiful treasuries that I've recently discovered.

 Lastly, any advice or final words you would like to share with the readers?

As cliche as it is....Live life with no limits. Only one life to live...might as well enjoy it to the fullest! :)

 Ruffled Cardigan                                                                   Aviator Sleeved Wrap Dress                                                     Flapping Grace Dress

Alright ladies, if you like what you see you HAVE to go check out the rest in her Etsy shop! Make sure to visit her personal website, you can sign up for her mailing list, look at all of her collections, or even see where you can see her clothes in person. I know I will be visiting the Milwaukee, WI location!

UPDATE: She is currently having a 36 hour sale on select items, 40% off! (including that beautiful orange skirt). So make sure to head over there ASAP! :)


  1. omg! that gray dress is sooo adorable! I'm wondering if she would design a bridesmaid dress...hmmmm

  2. I am sure you you head over to her etsy shop and "contact" her you could find out!

  3. I absolutely love these designs. I am SOOOO tempted to get something during the sale... but have already gone over my monthly shopping budgets this month :( Must resist temptation. Must!! :)


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