Friday, May 14, 2010

My Outfit: Purple Skirt

What I am Wearing:
1. Fight Club T-Shirt (gift) -Originally from Alloy.
2.Purple Wool Skirt ($4) - Thrifted
3. Grey Cardigan ($23)- Torrid
4. Converse Shoes ($32)- Journey's
5. Multi-strand Necklace ($9) - For Love 21 (the accessory store for Forever 21)
6. Thick Metal Necklace ($3) - Flee Market

Why I was Wearing it:
1. Contrasting color to the skirt, fun and playful
2. The item I started with, just wanted to wear it! Nice weather today.
3. Adds a neutral contrast to the fun colors. Also, the t-shirt is short on me. (I have a long torso) so the cardigan hides that.
4. Makes the outfit less dressy and more fun!
5 & 6. Nothing wrong with some accessories. Glam'ed it up a bit.

I was in a playful mood today, so I showed it through my clothes!

On a side note, I need more navy (the color) in my closet. I really want a navy dress. Any suggestions??


  1. Cute!!! I wore a purple skirt yesterday too..with a yellow shirt of course! I love the color contrast between your shirt and skirt a lot

  2. Lovin' seein' your outfits and the photos are great - I know you are doing it sans help.


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