Friday, May 14, 2010

Style Council: Sizes and Numbers

I figured I should tell you guys that I am a size 22 in pants and 5'11" tall. This is just a reference for when you see the "My Outfit" posts. Every body is different and everything looks different on everyone's body. It is important to keep that fact in mind when reading fashion blogs and fashion articles. Read fashion tips for inspiration not for imitation.

Ok, now that I have said that here is my point/advice for the day. It is important to try everything on when you are shopping. I rarely find an item that looks the same way on me that it did on the hanger. Watch where the seams fall, where is the hem line? Is it laying on your widest part?? Then don't buy it!

Part of the reason shopping for plus size clothing is so difficult is because the people doing the designing are not plus size (some stores excluded). They are making clothes they think we want to wear. So either the clothes are frumpy because they think we want to hide our curves, or they are "skinny" clothes that have just been blown up, clothes that are not flattering to our body types. This is why I recommend trying everything on.

Also, your clothing size is just a reference number. Every store seems to have a different number guide for their clothing.  In reality it seems you are a different size for every store. I know at Lane Bryant I am between a 18/20 22/24 in tops, and at Torrid I am between a 2 or a 3 and it still depends on the style of the top. But then if I go to Old Navy or Target, I feel like I wear a bigger size. So don't be afraid to go a size up, it is just a number, your actual size has not changed.

I feel bad for the girls that are too worried about numbers and they end up looking worse because they squeezed into something that did not fit them. No one knows your numbers except you. Unless you are me and share it on a blog on the internet for the whole world to know :P

So ladies, keep this is mind when you are shopping! Also, if you have any experiences with sizing issues feel free to share them! I am sure everyone can relate and you probably now have new found advice to share.

Lastly, thank you everyone who came from Plats. I appreciate you joining us!

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