Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Outfit: It started with the boots.

Well, here it goes! The first outfit post! These will only get better, especially once I have a tripod...not a picture frame, on top of a pillow, on top of a chair, on top of another chair.... and also being limited to under the balcony because of the rain we have had here for the past week.  haha

Alright, down to business!

What I am wearing:
1. Tweed Fedora($7) -Thrifted
2. Yellow Wooden Earrings($12) - Francesca's Collections
3. White Button Up - Hand me down from my Aunt, originally from Avenue.
4. Grey Button Up Sweater Vest - Thrifted, gift from BFF
5. Brown Woven Belt - Hand me down from my mom.
6. Skinny Jeans ($56? Quite a few years ago) - Torrid
7. Red/Brown Leather Boots($8) - Thrifted

Why I am wearing it:
1. A hat to match my sweater vest and assist with the rain.
2. A pop of color.
3. A good foundation piece, but too big for me.
4. A vest to add dimension and shape, and length to my torso.
5. A belt to match my boots and give me a waist.
6. Jeans to show off my leg shape and off set the baggy top.
7. A cute boot!

And there you have it! I rarely am able to wear this many thrifted items at once, must have been my lucky day! This is not the outfit I had planned in the morning, it morphed into this, but I think you always get the best outfits that way. All of my outfits start out with the one thing I want to wear that day, and I build from there. All I knew this particular day was that I wanted to wear those boots!

So what do you think? What would you have done differently? Or what may you try out yourself?

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