Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Inspiration: Beth Ditto

Beth Ditto is a musician from the band Gossip. She is talented. She is fashionable. She is plus size.

I have been thinking about how the media puts a huge emphasis on body image and the desire of being skinny. So I have decided to do some inspiration posts of beautiful successful plus size women in the media.

You can check out their wiki page for some factoids.

I love Beth Ditto's style, confidence, and especially her music.

She has developed a clothing line , but for some reason I am having trouble accessing it.

I hope you ladies have found some inspiration here, if you have anyone in mind you would like me to post on the blog, let me know!


  1. Beth dito is definately an inspiration to all the plus size women out there!

  2. She is EPIC! Love her too, She is designing another line for Evans and it's coming out in the spring 2010, cant wait!!

  3. shes epic I swear! She gives me inspiration as well.


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